Sanshead is a collective of filmmakers. The literal translation of Sanshead, without a head, is highlighted by the slight angular cuts on the corners of each letter form contrasted by the sharp removal of the top of the mark. Currently developing the website and other promotional materials.

Freelance 2012

Bunk Hostel

Theoretical concept of a boutique hostel in Portland, OR. Involved naming, identity design and web design. Published in CMYK issue #49.

Senior Thesis Project

Montana State University

Ethanol Campaign

Proposed ad campaign for an ethanol provider. Involved copywriting, typography design and layout.

Flying Horse Communication

Contract 2012

Black Bird Kitchen

Identity concepts for a local French style eatery in Bozeman, MT.

Massive Studios

River Nomads

Identity concept for a local fishing guide.

Massive Studios

Cards N Copies

Identity design for a student run copy shop at Montana State University.

Sub Graphics

American Society of Virology

Identity design for the annual ASV conference at Montana State University. Inspired by the Bridger mountain range surrounding Bozeman, MT and the state slogan "Big Sky Country".

Sub Graphics

Santa Fe Reds

Identity concept for a Mexican restaurant in Bozeman, MT. Custom logo type.

Freelance 2010

Arcadian Studio

Identity design for a new graphic design studio. This mark uses the literary concept of a simile to urge the viewer to compare two unlike things.

Independent Study with Nathan Davis

City Night

Identity design for Montana State University BFA Thesis show. Developed to be adaptable to change and updated easily from year to year.

Independent Study with Nathan Davis

Caps Communication

Identity concepts for a copywriter/proofer.

Massive Studios

Ambassador of Bliss

Naming, Identity and shirt designs for a local entrepreneur. Women's clothing line that is meant to inspire through typographical treatments.

Freelance 2011

Track and Field Poster

Promotional poster displayed around Montana. Photography, typography, and layout design.

Freelance 2012

Bozeman Bike Map

Developed instructional icons, designed map layout based on GIS layers and produced a clear hierarchy of bike routes.

Massive Studios

Calling Cards

Letter pressed calling cards designed to network with creative professionals and potential clients.

Freelance 2012

Jan Christensen Poster

Poster design for visiting artist Jan Christensen. Laser-cut letterforms, screenprinting, hand embossing, limited edition. Third round semi-finalist Adobe Achievement Awards 2011.

Collaboration with Nathan Davis